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WWG Experience

Whitney Wealth Group Portfolio Management

Fee Structure:

  • Under $1M: 1.00%
  • $1M - $5M: 0.75%
  • $5M+: 0.5%

Financial planning included for all portfolios over $750,000. 

What's included?

  • Integrate all of your accounts, which are updated in real-time. No need to provide us with statements.
  • Administer all your trades, contributions, withdrawals, and Roth IRA conversions.
  • Strategically manage your investments. We have our own proprietary WWG portfolio, but also have access to institutional portfolios from companies such as DFA (Dimensional Funds), State Street, etc.
  • Customize your solution according to your needs and goals.
  • Rebalance throughout the year as the market grows and/or loses. We do not time the market; we make strategic changes when your portfolio changes in value.
  • We select low-cost funds because although we cannot control the return of your investments, we can control your costs. 90% of the funds we use have expense ratios below .5%.
  • Provide a tax strategy for your non-IRA accounts i.e. what would selling this position do for your taxes?
    Show you an example of a portfolio compared to what you are invested in today.

“When in doubt, check if your actions are aligned with your purpose.”

-Azim Jamal